About Us

The Guernsey County Cancer Society, Inc. is a local non-profit organization not affiliated with any state or national cancer organization. The society was formed in 1959 by a group of local citizens who saw a need for additional help for area cancer patients.

We are dedicated to helping area cancer patients with limited financial assistance for:

  • Transportation reimbursement to doctor and/or treatment centers
  • Prescription expenses not covered by insurance
  • Treatment and in-home care expenses not covered by insurance
  • Wigs and prosthesis
  • Nutritional supplies such as Ensure, Ensure Plus and Glucerna

You can easily receive support by calling our office at 740-432-9290 or stopping by 927 Wheeling Ave. Suite 205, Cambridge, OH 43725

The Guernsey County Cancer Society is a 501C(3) corporation, therefore, all gifts are tax deductible. All monies remain entirely within Guernsey County.

Barbara Allen
Kent Biegler
Arlene Drake
Barbara Folger
Shon Gress
Kathy Hess
Donna LaCroix
Ann Lanzer
Ann Schreiner
Shirley Watson


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